Colonial Imports: The Perfect Egg

Colonial Imports: The Perfect Egg is the second publication in the series, where this issue tackles the questions of:

What makes a perfect egg?

Why do we take on the task of perfecting a recipe?

What, who are we painstakingly perfecting?

At which point is it my, our, your recipe?  

This issue explores recipes as a form of material and immaterial inheritance, connecting to family history, memory, and sharing knowledge. Contributors were encouraged to create or unearth recipes, belonging to them or to others; to think about recipes as practical knowledge vessels, a storytelling tool, and a way to access memory or place. 

Contributors featured in The Perfect Egg:

Sam Anis, Andrew Le Ha, andi icaza-largaespada, Bren Plasden, Chelsea Yang-Smith, Jessica Szeto, Joy Xiang.


Colonial Imports is a risograph publication series that unravels and interweaves food, culture, diaspora, identity, and placemaking. Writers, artists, and food lovers/haters examine the intricacies of the food we eat and how they are extracted, shipped, adapted, and consumed. 

The series is edited by Areum Kim, Teresa Tam, and Steph Wong Ken. Designed by Yolkless Press. 

Colonial Imports is published irregularly. 

Printed in Mohkínstsis/Calgary, 2021/22