2022 Tearaway Calendar

Greet your new year with the 2022 Yolkless Tearaway Calendar! 2022 features an all-green ink look and a new set of illustrations inspired by our love for supermarket items. The layout has been slightly tweaked as well, with the moon phases easier to see and pages set lower, therefore less cleaning of paper remnants.  

Edition details: 

The standard edition will be using eska board, held together by hot melt rivet binding.  

The acrylic edition will be using translucent green acrylic and nylon screws.  This limited edition can be re-used and refilled with future years at a discounted price!


This 365-page calendar features the date, week, and month along with data such as the moon phase, lucky times of the day, and space for illustrations. We used newsprint made from recycled paper, which pairs well with the soy and rice bran-based Riso ink, making the calendar entirely recyclable. The calendar dimensions are 5.75″ x 8.75″ x 1.25″.

These calendars are born from our mutual fondness for these daily tear-away calendars that adorn the walls of our memories—in our own homes, grocery stores, on distinct surfaces that can’t quite be placed.