Colonial Imports: Tender Pearl Zone

The first issue, Tender Pearl Zone, considers Calgary Chinatown, as well as other Chinatowns in other cities, and the ubiquitous and ecstatic presence of BBT in our lives, while nodding to the history of migration and circulation inextricably tied to colonialism and European imperialism. BBT, like many other food items, is a tool East and Southeast Asian immigrants and diasporas use to provide for themselves: it’s a fodder/placeholder/access point for an identity for some; it’s an inflection of the diaspora reinventing itself; it’s simply delicious, refreshing, satisfying with great mouth-feel.

The publication includes contributions by Mia Riley and Sara Ly, Areum Kim, Jarett Sitter and Steph Wong Ken, Paul Giang, Teresa Tam, Katie Lee, and Snack Witch.

It is made in tandem with Teresa Tam’s Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency facilitated by The City of Calgary Public Art (@yycpublicart) and The New Gallery (@the_new_gallery) .


Colonial Imports is a risograph publication series that unravels and interweaves food, culture, diaspora, identity, and placemaking. Writers, artists, and food lovers/haters examine the intricacies of the food we eat and how they are extracted, shipped, adapted, and consumed. 

The series is edited by Areum Kim, Teresa Tam, and Steph Wong Ken. Designed by Yolkless Press. 

Colonial Imports is published irregularly.