RFP for Colonial Imports: Indelible Recipes

If you are interested in contributing to the publication, please complete this Google form: https://forms.gle/TemvR38thGJHAazZA 

Yolkless Press is an artist-run Risograph-based press started by Areum Kim and Teresa Tam. Yolkless Press develops and publishes a variety of printed objects and creates paid opportunities for artists and writers. We are excited to welcome proposals to contribute to the second issue of Colonial Imports print publication from artists, writers, illustrators, and creators.

Colonial Imports is a publication series that examines the intricacies of the food we eat and how they are extracted, shipped, adapted, and consumed, while also profiling restaurants, shops, food spaces, and the individuals connected to them. This publication series seeks to weave a deeper cultural understanding into the food we consume and how they are prepared, as well as how and why we eat them. 

This issue of Colonial Imports, “Indelible Recipes” will explore recipes as a form of material and immaterial inheritance, connecting to family history, memory, and sharing knowledge. With texts like Karen Tei Yamashita’s “Sansai Recipes” and Teresa Tam’s “AOHITWAMBTRU Recipe & Menu Book” in mind, this issue invites contributors to create or unearth recipes, belonging to them or to others. We encourage contributors to think about recipes as practical knowledge vessels, a storytelling tool, and a way to access memory or place.

Some possible ways to approach this theme include:

  • Sharing knowledge through food preparation
  • Memories/sensory details in recipes
  • Hidden, closely-guarded, top secret recipes (and what drives this guardedness)
  • Creating a new/different version or variation on a recipe
  • Narrative expansion of recipes by embedding stories (such as Snack Witch’s “Recipes Wandering Recipes” in Colonial Imports: Tender Pearl Zone)
  • Fact and fiction in recipes
  • Failure in recipes; not getting it right or creating something new
  • Abandoned recipes, bad recipes, recipes as simple, easy, trashy
  • The joy/joylessness of recipes
  • Recipes as form, as a guide, as an error or a test
  • Reclamation of recipes and ingredients
  • Visual/image-based recipes
  • Recipe as inventory 

Your contribution does not have to be solely in English, and we encourage you to use any number of languages that fit into the work proposed. However, the publication will not be translated into other languages if it’s not part of the work itself.

For this publication, Yolkless will be printing in the following three colours: green, pink, yellow.

Examples of types of works that can be proposed:

  • 1000 – 1500 word article/essay/narrative
  • 2-3 works of poetry
  • Paneled illustrations/comics
  • A series of illustrations
  • Recipes
  • Restaurant reviews 
  • Fake advertisements 
  • Puzzles and riddles

Once contributors are selected, we will work together to flesh out the proposed work as part of a paid pitch session (online). The pitch session is an opportunity to connect and share with the other contributors and be involved in the editorial process for the publication. We hope to support your contribution as part of the pitch process and are available to look over your drafts ahead of the first draft due date.

The timeline for this publication is:

  • Call open: May 1st to May 31st
  • Contributor confirmation: week of June 6th – 12th 
  • Pitch session: one day in the week of June 13th – June 19th
  • First draft: August 1st
  • Final draft: August 16th
  • Publication release: first half of October 

For each proposed and completed piece, we’re offering an artist fee of $500 CAD, which includes participation in the pitch session.

The main editors for the publication are:

  • Areum Kim
  • Teresa Tam 
  • Steph Wong Ken

You will need to submit:

  • Contact email
  • Proposal: What would you like to contribute to this issue? Why would you like to contribute? (5000 character limit)
  • Tell us about yourself (optional; 4000 character limit)
  • Upload any images/documents

Deadline: May 31st, 2021

Please send any questions or concerns to: yolklesspress@gmail.com

We gratefully acknowledge that this issue of Colonial Imports is funded by Calgary Arts Development.